Company Profile

Anthem Displays, LLC

Founded: 2013
Physical Address:
Anthem Displays, Inc.
5741 Arapahoe Ave, Unit 5
Boulder, CO  80303

Office:    (303)223-1664

Anthem Displays is a designer and manufacturer of digital (LED) displays for the out-of-home industry. 

​Our team at Anthem Displays has over 40 years of relevant industry experience and can demonstrate a proven ability to bring innovation and cost savings to those that matter most to us – the owners and operators of billboards in the US. 

​We are a team of engineers and problem solvers and we are committed to bringing low-cost digital displays to billboard operators. 

About Anthem


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Because we are a relatively new company ...

We are unburdened with high overhead that must be passed along to the custome​r

​We have no dead weight or unproductive capital in place

We can implement an optimal product portfolio for the benefit of billboard operators in terms of lowest cost

We can quantify all costs and avoid time-draining attempts to reduce cost after design

We can run lean without expensive sales staff and other overhead that runs counter ​to our goal of low-cost digital displays for billboard operators

We do not need to correct any counterproductive policies