• Only two connections per module
  • Quick-release front & rear service with convenience handle
  • Exclusive shader design for the highest contrast
  • 400x400 universal module size
  • Fewer components and fewer points of failure
  • ​Highest quality LEDs & components
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Fully redundant power & data
  • Monitoring, diagnostics & alerts
  • Remote access & reboot
  • Meets brightness & visual requirements of the OOH industry

Brent Bauer at OOH Today was kind enough to do an interview with the Circle Graphics team on the acquisition that we think will be informative as you evaluate your digital billboard vendor options.

Following is an excerpt from this interview:

OOH Today:  "Will Circle Graphics (CG) influence the digital display business as seismically as it did when you entered the OOH printing space over 20 years ago?"

Circle Graphics:  "We hope so! This transaction expands Circle’s product offerings into digital signage and makes Circle a one-stop visual solutions provider to OOH advertising operators and marketers.

When we arrived on the OOH printing scene 20 years ago, we brought focus, scale, innovation, and lower pricing that we think contributed to the growth of the industry by making OOH campaigns quicker to execute and more affordable to produce.

We think we can do something very similar with digital billboard manufacturing.

Circle will bring a wide range of expertise to allow Anthem to scale quickly. There are also very real synergies around procurement, engineering support, back-office support, and sales/customer support."

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Acquisition by Circle Graphics

​​So that our visitors have context here, an industry-standard module (in this case, a square module measuring 400 mm, or 15.75 inches) is being promoted by Lamar (and other volume buyers) so that they only have to buy the aluminum cabinet once, and then they can reface the billboard with modules from any vendor when the display needs replacement. This will reduce the replacement cost by an estimated 30%.

Standard modules allow a display owner to shop for the module vendor that is most competitive when they go to “re-face” their display with new modules. An independent billboard operator’s inventory, should they ever sell it (especially to Lamar), is likely more attractive given they are on the industry standard.

We not only work with, but we have also been a key contributor and early developer of this standard. We helped introduce the standard, and every Anthem module is made to this standard.


400 mm Standard Module Size

Our team at Anthem combines many years of experience in the outdoor industry, world-class design and engineering, the highest production standards, and unparalleled customer service to bring you a reliable and competitively priced, US-manufactured digital billboard. Over the past 8 years, we have produced and installed over 340 digital billboards across the USA for one of the most discerning customers in the OOH industry, Lamar Advertising. We would love to earn a role as your provider!



What’s the story with the 400 mm standard module size that Lamar is promoting?